One night stand is known as the walk of shame. It is a nightmare for every girl when they wake up the next morning. If you have accidentally slept with a stranger the night before, here are some ways to deal with your guilt feeling.

Resist yourself from going home with a stranger

The person you just met at the bar may be a serial killer. You don’t know what harm the person may cause you if you go home with him. You should avoid such situations if you or your friends don’t know anything about the guy.

Don’t just get out in the morning

When you sneak out in the morning, you will feel like a whore and the feeling is terrible. It will make you feel more insulated and ashamed about yourself. Instead, you should wake him up and tell him that you are leaving. You should also take the time to compose yourself. You should make sure you have taken all your belongings.

You should carry the essentials all the time

You should have a condom with you everytime you go to a party, in case you have sex. You should carry money so that you can pay for the cab. You should also carry some makeup with you so that you can freshen yourself up before leaving the guy’s home the next morning, in case you hooked up the previous night.

Spend some time in the bathroom

You should be in the bathroom for some time and clean yourself up before leaving the guy’s house. You should brush your teeth, splash some water on the face and detangle your hair. You will look and feel much better when you walk on the street now.

These tips will help you to get rid of the awful feeling you might have after a one night’s stand. Just remember never to hurry up in the morning to get out of the house. You will feel worse that way.

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