Women are now more casual about sex than they were a couple of decades ago. They have more sexual partners now throughout their lifetime. Here are the main reasons for such relaxed attitude regarding sex.

Media is very open about sex

Films like ’50 Shades of Grey’ are produced and being well accepted by the audience. It is an example of how the society’s perspective about sex is changing. There is more sex in mass media now. Sex is no longer being viewed as shameful or taboo. We now have more conversations regarding sex than we had before.

People have become less religious

According to research, 20% of Americans are not religious. In any religion, sex is seen as something conservative. So, as these people don’t have any faith in religion, they are not so conservative about sex.

Feminism is giving women more options

Because of feminism, we can now choose our careers, length of cloth and even motherhood status. We can also choose how much sex we want to have. Women no longer are expected to stay virgins until marriage. Women are longer judged by the number of men they slept with.

More sex-related information available online

It is very easy to search for contents related to sex online. You can get advice and even watch porn. You will find many sex-related websites on the Internet.

More sex education in high school

Sex education programs that tell not to have sex at a young age are contributing to the increase in teen pregnancies. Instead, educational programs should assume that teens are having sex and they should provide them with safe tools and make them cautious about unsafe sex.

All these factors have helped to make sex more casual for today’s women. This has lead to a lower number of serious relationships. Women are now more career-minded, and they don’t want to get involved any relationship that may require compromising their careers.


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