Find me a straight man who does not love meeting new girls, hooking up and getting laid and Ill give you a prize. Alright, thats a lie, but the point is that it would be very hard.

Its primal urge to want to have the company of a girl for whatever it is that you are into. Guys have picked up girls for as long as the human race has existed, clearly, or youd not be here.

The number of guys which have trouble meeting girls has sky rocketed. Its sad, but true. The way kids are brought up has changed radically in recent centuries. Instead of the face to face education kids traditionally receive, theyre now spending more and more time in front of the television. This implies theyre also exposed to all sort of media. It does not matter what sort of media its, music, movies, news, theyre all littered with new social standard and ideals which go against everything we have evolved from. Basically, theyre altering the expectations of girls, and altering how guys believe they should act.

In caveman days, the males simply had to have respect being an alpha male to be the target of sexual desire among girls. Nowadays, humanity has gotten much more preoccupied with appearances and other things that didnt matter back then. I acknowledge that times of clearly transformed, but this social evolution is moving much quicker then the evolution of the female brain. At some base amount, the hard alpha male from the caveman example remains appealing to girls around the world.

Whether just meeting girls for the first time, going on a first date or even after seeing a girl for a while, mens behavior has changed. In modern days, guys have become very preoccupied with making sure the girl is happy. This really is called giving your power away, along with the single biggest mistake men make when meeting girls. This really is what movies have ingrained into our minds that we have to be constantly attempting to please girls to get them. This really isnt the case, and regrettably many guys follow this sort of ideal. This movies were made to appeal to girls ideals, but the truth is that this ideal is far from what they find appealing. This really is again because of the differing speeds in social and emotional evolution.

I hope this has given you an insight into the issues guys have when meeting girls, and starts up some ideas. Perhaps youll realize you have fallen victim to exactly whats described here, and now youll have the ability to do better in the future.

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