Theres nothing worse than being in a relationship drought.

Ive been there, chances are you have been there, and Ive a good friend whos there right now. how to get a girlfriend fast It is happened to just about every guy, and is the greatest discouragement in our pursuance of girls if you let it be.

For all its negative undertones, being in a drought does not have to be the worst thing ever. There are in fact benefits to taking a timeout from women, and the sooner you see these gains, the sooner youll actually get out of your drought and into the female zone you are seeking.

The first step out of a drought is to THINK that youll get out of it! May be more difficult than it seems, but believe me, its crucial to embrace that mindset.

My friend Ben is in a recession for the first time in some time. He dated one girl for 5 complete years, and now that he eventually broke up with her, he doesnt know what to do. Its been about a month, which is a good deal shorter time period than a lot of guys I know whove been through the same, and hes already becoming cranky, blue, and tempted to go back to his girlfriend, regardless of the fact that he understands she is not right for him.

But in situations like his, you have to HOLD YOUR GROUND. Yeah, it blows being in a drought when it seems like no girl is into you. It is frustrating as hell not getting any love for a long stretch. But you know what? It is also rewarding, which brings me to my next tidbit:

Make use of the free time you have with no girlfriend or booty call to improve yourself.

Ben does not appear to be doing this. He is wasting plenty of time going online, searching for women he might be able to get a date with, and groveling over how he can not appear to get a girl, even when it looks like she is interested in him.

As Ive said so many times before, the funny thing about not searching for a girl is the fact that THAT is when youre most likely to get one. Show girls which youre a fun guy, a man in control of his own destiny.

A lot of guys stop learning, stop opening themselves up when theyre with a girl. They get complacent, contented, content that now theyve found a girlfriend or wife, like theyve reached the top of the mountain.

Nah. Doesnt work that way. Having a woman is only one piece of the pie.

In fact, when you cease exploring life and consecrating yourself to new things, thats when a girl often loses interest. Things dont change, when women regularly like change and new things. And frequently, thats just when a lady leaves a man.

The time youve alone is your time of preparation, of becoming an exciting individual. I, for instance, was definitely not ready 10 years ago for the relationships Ive been in over the last five years. Since I took the time to locate MYSELF, to build up my nature and personality, it was no wonder that I was later able to locate women, in return.

If you are in a drought, dont think of it as a bad scenario-see it as a good one. Learn all you can, do everything youve sufficient time to do. Remember that theres probably a good reason you are single right now; perhaps it was meant to be and its your opportunity to find out more about yourself as well as what its you really love. Not every girl is made for every single girl-theres a special girl (or girls) out there just for you, but you must build up your individuality and purpose before you can locate her.

When you get a good understanding of your purpose in life and that which you intend to do with it, youll find that you appreciate things more. In case your goal is to become a successful business owner who travels the world, use your spare time now to ascertain how you are going to attain that goal, and go on doing it. Hunker down to establish that business, and use your spare time to see the world (youll probably meet a girl while travelling). I ensure you that once you have a trail, an understanding of what your life is all about, women will begin to get into your own life. You will be having so much fun doing what moves you, what fills you up, that you wont even be searching for girls. But as I said previously, thats just when they show up.

So remember, believe that youll get out of the depression, make use of the time that the recession affords you with, and youll go from breasts to blessing in no time!

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